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“I want people to connect personally with my jewelry so when they wear them, it brings out a part of their character that may otherwise lie hidden.”

Maximova Jewelry creates beautiful handcrafted pieces that exude a unique contemporary elegance. Focusing on the highest quality metals and jewels, each piece is finely worked and finished with the detail of a work of art.

Inspired by her travels around the world as an international model, the Bulgarian-born Dari Maximova started out making unique jewelery for herself and her close friends. Once demand began to spread far beyond her friendship circles she founded her independent Berlin jewelry label in 2018.

With their focus on combining a classic, minimal aesthetic with contemporary detailing, Maximova Jewelry creates empowering pieces that can be worn every day. Inspired by the power and mysterious beauty of mother nature, the pendants carry an individual symbology and are carefully sourced from all around the world.